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5 Ways To Increase Your Workplace Security

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Whether you work in health care, education, retail, the hotel industry, or the government, security is a top concern. You can stay safe in light of threats from disgruntled ex-employees, customers, terrorists, and criminals. The following is a list of five ways to show you how to ramp up your organizational security plan today.

1. Employ security guards through a reputable security company.

Hire highly trained security guards through a security company, like Polo Security Services Ltd. During times when security issues peak, you can quickly bring in more guards without having to wait. Post security guards at your main entrances to deter criminals and to protect your entry points.  Install a closed-circuit television system so that guards know what is happening throughout and around the building at all times.

2. Install a metal detector.

Think of all the tragedies that could have been prevented, if only a metal detector were in place to alert guards that an individual was carrying a concealed weapon. Metal detectors can be especially helpful to protect employees and children in schools. Metal detectors are useful in catching anyone trying to sneak a firearm or knife into the building.

3. Require employees to wear photo identification cards at all times and use access control.

To protect private access points to the building, consider using identification cards that employees scan. Train a camera in the direction of all access points. This way when someone scans their badge you can see if it is indeed an employee or an impostor gaining entry. Having a video camera posted at employee access points will also help you catch a tailgater, an unauthorized person that follows an employee into the building.  

4. Train employees on what to do during an emergency.

Use a code word or phrase like "Paging Dr. Armstrong, could you please come to the front desk", or "code 13" so that office staff can call for security without alerting an attacker. Provide workers with silent alarm buttons to signal security and supervisors when a situation becomes violent. Thoroughly go over your security policy with each employee, so that they know their role in the case of an emergency.

5. Provide a safe room.

Establish a safe place inside the building where coworkers and supervisors can go for protection if they are not able to safely make it out of the building. Make sure that the area has a phone so that police can be called. Also, make it difficult for anyone to break into the room by installing a bullet proof door with thick hinges.  

By being proactive you and your staff will be much safer. Don't wait for an attack to happen, call a security company and protect your office today.