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Non-Lethal Methods For Protecting Security And Reducing Turnover Rate

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If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself and your customers and buildings safe during potential break-ins and robberies without risking damage to anyone or anything, then what you want is non-lethal options for your security guards. This will help you retain your security guards since there’s a 400% turnover rate in the industry. Guards will tend to stick around longer if they feel like they can do their jobs without risking themselves. Read More»

Security Options For Ensuring The Safety Of Your Employees

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Keeping your employees safe is a challenge no matter how big or small your company is. To ensure their safety, you need to know which security features are best designed for protecting not only your building but the people who work in it every day. Mobile Guards The outside of your building can be problematic during specific hours of the night. Unfortunately, if your parking areas are open to the public, which means no private security fence around the property, it is easy for unwanted people to target your location. Read More»

Three Reasons to Consider Armored Car Services

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Armored cars are used to transport valuables or money. They are typically hired by banks to handle money transfers, but they can be used by other sources as well. If you own a business, you may find it beneficial to hire armored services to handle your deposit needs, no matter how big or small they may be. Here is a list of reasons why you may find yourself benefiting from armored transportation. Read More»

5 Ways To Increase Your Workplace Security

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Whether you work in health care, education, retail, the hotel industry, or the government, security is a top concern. You can stay safe in light of threats from disgruntled ex-employees, customers, terrorists, and criminals. The following is a list of five ways to show you how to ramp up your organizational security plan today. 1. Employ security guards through a reputable security company. Hire highly trained security guards through a security company, like Polo Security Services Ltd. Read More»